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PAS Athletic Profiles

Taking Performance to New Levels

PAS Athletic Profiles are a proven tool for enhancing performance.  Click here to complete the questions. Cost is $20.

Personality and Movement are connected!!  An Athlete's personality can determine a players strengths and also weaknesses without even seeing that athlete perform. After taking the profile questionnaire, you are then placed into 4 different possible categories:


  • CL-Concrete and Logical
  • CE-Concrete and Emotional
  • PL-Possible(or Imaginative) and Logical
  • PE-Possible and Emotional


Concrete- 'Concrete' people are in touch with what is real, tangible, practical, and are energized by identifying and understanding what the facts are. 'Concrete' people become confused and frustrated when there is a lack of practical information or when they lack the necessary information to solve problems.

Possible- 'Possibility' people are imaginative, creative, and energized by what might be, what path will be taken, and the unexpected that might happen 'Possibility' people become impatient, frustrated, and unmotivated when forced to deal with only what is practical and necessary to find a solution.

Logical- 'Logical' people solve problems based more on the facts and less on emotion.'Logical' people become irritable, frustrated, and unmotivated when logical solutions are not found or when logic conflicts with their values.

Emotional- 'Emotional' people solve problems based more on personal values and emotion than on pure logic. 'Emotional' people become impatient, demanding, and withdrawn when their emotional goals can not be achieved or they must settle for a logical solution that does not fulfill their values.

The Profile helps us help you develop course management skills by understanding what your decision making 'traps' will be and how your psychological needs will play into choices you will make. Most sports have 'positions' you play.  With that comes the identity associated with that position.  Think about it this way, a 'catcher' has a competitive personality that is different than a 'pitcher.'  'Linebackers' are different than 'wide receivers.'  Hockey players are different than tennis players. Without a Performance Identity, "mental toughness" is impossible to achieve.

Once your personality type has been determined, we can begin to eliminating any characteristics that hold back a player from performing at their highest potential level.This simple fact opens tremendous opportunities for development. Imagine the implications for training and stress-management that can unlock all potential athletic possibility and eliminate the simplist problems in a players performance. Click on an individual sports tab to gain an example and insight on how these personalities apply to your favorite athletes and even you.

Our clients will attest to the fact that huge gains are often found coming out of the first meeting hearing all the time, 'Well, that explains that!.'  We provide the answers to the questions athletes, coaches, and parents can't find as to why apparent athletic potential is not being realized in competition.

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