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Basketball Athletic Personality Profiles

CLs- Michael Jordan, John Stockton, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Chris Paul


-CLs tend to live in the present, set very high standards and they are fiercely competitive and take losses very personally.

CEs- Tim Duncan, Spud Webb, Clyde Drexler, George Gervin, Dwayne Wade


-CEs tend to be lead more by example than words and hard work and commitment comes in an understated fashion.

PLs- Robert Parrish, Dikembe Mutombo, Mark Eaton, Danny Ainge


-PLs tend to be described as 'over-achievers' and 'gritty players' who just get the job done and also love creativity and synergy.

PEs- Dominique Wilkins, Grant Hill, Allen Iverson, LeBron James


-PEs tend to have great hands, great hand-eye coordination, and explosive speed which makes basketball a natural sport for them.

-PAS profiling will help teams:


  • Define 'Chemistry'
  • Know each player's physical manifestations of stress
  • Develop personal plans so players can overcome their natural reactions to stress
  • Put players in the right positions to be successful
  • Understand each players decisions making style
  • Know motivational keys and learning styles for your team


-Discovering your personality profile will help you become a better individual player as well as the best team player.


-Discover your personal profile today!

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