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PAS works with Anglers desiring to improve their performance.  Anglers face challenges uncommon to other athletes.  Probably no other competitive athlete has to make more decisions, deal with more unknowns, and possess more diversified skills.


  • Competitive Boat Racer
  • Weather Expert
  • Electrical Technician
  • Mechanic
  • Map Reader
  • Master Problem Solver
  • Knot Expert
  • Multi-skilled Casting Expert
  • Master of Several Fishing Techniques
  • Maintain and Repair Equipment
  • Organize Thousands of Lures, Dozens of Rods and Reels
  • Be able to Focus on Each Cast like a Golfer Does on Each Shot
  • Endure Days of Standing on a Moving Object in Every Kind of Weather
  • Manage Their Professional Career
  • Entertain Sponsors
  • Interact with Fans
  • And, Be Willing to Hunt for Something They Can't See

The Mental Game challenges are so extreme and so diverse that winning the Mental Battleground is a huge competitive advantage.


Gerald Swindle and Charles Plott at a BASS event.

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