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PAS enhances performance.  Performance in the corporate world is no different than excellent performances in the athletic arena.  Individual performance impacts the results of the team.  Teamwork, or "chemistry," that generates better results on the bottom line or in the box-score need not be a secret anymore.  Our principles, profiles, and consultants are proven to work.  Better results are not as far away as you might think. 

PAS Business 

Our work in the business world grew out of our success with athletes.  "What you have accomplished with my son is amazing.  Then it struck me that I need that for my folks at work," said one CEO.  Though more complex, what worked for his son worked for his business.  When considering "performance enhancement" in the work place the areas ripe for "enhancement" are nearly endless.  At PAS, we believe placementleadershiphiring/retention, and risk managementoffer tangible results very quickly.

The PAS Profile combines traditional approaches to assessing individuals with new cutting edge examination ofdecision making ability.  Traditional assessments typically focus on personality, preferences, skill sets, or IQ.  There is some merit to each, but without a doubt the single most important factor in corporate success or failure is judgment.

One CEO remarked that we all have a personality classification (Myers-Briggs, DISC, etc.) and folks on Death Row have the same results as me and you!  "The difference," he remarked, "is our decision making abilities." 

If you want to see improvements in performance, which impact the bottom line, we promise this will be a new and innovation approach to getting the job done. 

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The PAS Athletic Profile has been used for a decade on thousands of athletes.  The information it provides allows us to develop plans for success, find the motivation to reach the goal, plan for the inevitable roadblocks that pop up, and address the personal issues that stand in the way of success.


Our resume includes individuals and teams ranging from PGA Tour Players, BASS Elite Series Anglers, NCAA Division I and II teams, aspiring Olympic athetes, world record setters, national and state champions, and your average and beginner athletes.  PAS works with coaches and athletic organizations to improve the training and support environments for performing athletes.


PAS trains and certifies coaches and instructors to administer the Profile and interpret it into their sport of interest for the purpose of working with individuals and teams.  "The results of our certification process have been outstanding," says Charles Plott (creator of the PAS Profile).  "Coaches tells us the learning curve has been shortened, their teams are stronger mentally, and their words spoken at critical times are just what is needed to bring the best out of their players," he adds.

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What does Charles Plott know that helped Captain Azinger put together a winning team?

The answer is in the book!  It can help your team succeed as well.

Spend a day with Charles and change your life!

"It isn't about sports.  It is about life and what you believe and what role you must play to be successful."



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