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Athletic Assessment

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Directions:  Simply select either A or B as the answer that best describes you.  You must choose just one! Some will be easy and others will be more difficult. It is often best to go with your first inclination when answering.  There are no right or wrong answers. Answer honestly.  (This is designed for athletes 12 years old and older) You can purchase results for $20 on the Products and Services page. You will find it near the bottom of the page. One payment is received your profile will be emailed to you within a week.

1.  Is it worse to...

A.  have your head in the clouds?

B.  have your feet firmly planted on the ground?

2.  When dealing with people are you usually more...

A.  firm than gentle?

B.  gentle than firm?

3.  Would others describe you as...

A.  more practical, sensible, traditional, and concrete?

B.  more creative, insightful, and able to see important connections between things?

4. Are you more comfortable working on a project with others...

A.  making decisions about details and figuring out the steps?

B.  figuring out what the topic should be and discussing the reasons behind that choice of topic?

5. Are you more interested in things that are...

A.  actual, tangible, measurable, and able to touch?

B.  just ideas right now, possibilities, or dreams you could make reality some day?

6.  I make my mind up very...

A.  quickly, once I know the facts or know exactly what I want.

B.  slowly, because I debate between the options and still worry about overlooking the right choice.

7.  When I tell a story about a recent event I say, I...

A.  get all the facts right and let the listener draw conclusions from there.

B.  tell the story of why it happened, who was involved, and what it means for everyone as things move forward.

8.  My choices in life...

A.  are primarily logical and based on facts and clear priorities.

B.  are more emotional and based on my desires at the moment, including my desires to please others or avoid conflict.

9.  I like to read about...

A.  historical events in order to understand the details of what happened.

B.  historical events and learn about the stories behind the scenes in order to understand why it happened as much as what actually happened.

10. When getting to know someone...

  I will be kind but ask straightforward questions and play close attention to their answers and body language.

  I will carry on a casual conversation and try to help them feel comfortable, knowing their real self will come out.

11. Facts...

  speak for themselves.

  illustrate broader principles.

12. I consider a deal to be final...

  when it is signed, sealed, and delivered.

  when there is an agreement in principle and a handshake or promise.

13. Creative people...

  are more often a waste of time than they are actually interesting.

  are more often far more interesting than they are a waste of time.

14. When I work as part of a team...

  I prefer to be productive or successful, even if that created tension within the group.

  I prefer to work well together as a team, even if that meant not being as productive or successful.

15. Common sense is...

  usually reliable.

  often over-rated if not questionable.

16. If I have to share unsetting news, I am usually...

  very polite but get right to the point without a lot of emotion in my voice.

  warm and considerate but rather slow to get to the point.

17. Adults should...

  encourage children to be more useful.

  encourage children to play more and be more creative.

18. When arguing over an emotional topic...

  I stick to my guns and defend my beliefs.

  I begin looking for what we can agree on and hope that help resolve the tension.

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